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The future of the pallet pooling industry begins with the G2 Pallet


Goto Pallets is a game changing pallet pooling company with a clear vision for the future of logistics and e-commerce. Our mission is to supply the most advanced feature rich sustainable plastic pallet in the world along with a truly revolutionary pallet tracking technology and suite of mobile and web-based applications that will fundamentally alter supply chain practices.


Our platforms are 100% recyclable, meaning a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Under normal circulating conditions, platforms perform very well. G2 pallets can withstand our hottest summers and coldest winters.


The security features in our G2 pallet are among the best in the world.


G2 Plastic pallets don’t absorb liquids or harbor pathogens that contaminate the products they carry.


G2 Pallets can survive the toughest conditions.

Longer Lasting

G2 Pallets last at least 2.5 times longer than injection molded platforms.



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