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A corporation with a clear vision for the future of logistics


Goto Pallets is a game changing pallet pooling company with a clear vision for the future of logistics. Our mission is to supply the most advanced feature rich sustainable plastic pallet in the world along with a truly revolutionary pallet tracking technology that will fundamentally alter supply chain practices.

The G2 Pallet

Great innovations come from ideas that solve problems, reduce costs and make the impossible possible. Our first innovation is the G2 Pallet™, a 48 x 40 inch shipping platform purpose-built to exceed all GMA performance specifications. Our G2 Pallet™ will boost operational efficiencies across the board by reducing or eliminating indirect costs associated with using today’s wood pallet alternatives. Read More…

The G2 Tracker

Our second innovation is the G2 Tracker™, which is embedded in each pallet. The G2 Tracker™ combines ISO 802.n (RFID), IEEE 18000 (Wireless), cellular (GSM and CDMA) and a suite of sensors providing nationwide pallet location and condition visibility 24/7. These technologies allow GoTo to effectively manage its pallet pool through a powerful Fast Track™ Cloud-based pallet management application.

The Fast Track™ Application

Fast Track™ is used exclusively by GoTo Pallets to manage its pallet pool. The application aggregates pallet data from every G2 Tracker in order to know where every G2 Pallet is located 24/7/365. All of the data collected from every G2 Tracker from every pallet during its lifetime is accumulated by the Fast Track application and stored in GoTo’s secure Cloud data base. Analytics of this data is constantly used to streamline the flow of G2 Pallets between trading partners. Read More…

The Fast Fix™ Application

Our third innovation is the Fast Fix™ Application, which allows manufacturers and retailers alike to gain valuable in-sights into their supply chains using Fast Track™ analytics.

With Fast Fix™ real-time actionable data can be used to reduce or prevent re-occurring and one-time supply chain risks and losses while products are shipped, stored or displayed on a G2 Pallet. Supply chain managers can make timely and informed decisions by having seamless data delivered to their desktops or on-the-go through their smart devices by the Fast Fix™ app.

GoTo Pallets will streamline supply chains by delivering increased transparency, which lead to sustainability practices that benefit the consumer and improve reputations. Along the way, GoTo is committed to ensuring its innovative G2 Pallet products will be managed during their long-term life-cycles in an environmentally responsible manner. Read More…

The Track Back™ Application

Our fourth innovation is Back Track™. This is a mobile app for consumers. The Cloud is like a fog. You cant see what is in front of you. Track Back is like wearing infrared goggles to see things of interest. Manufacturers will develop Track Back apps. Customers will point their smart phones at the product and be swayed into making a purchasing decision. Transparent supply chain conditions indicative of the journey from the manufacture to the consumer will be rewarded with sustainable sales and excellent reputations. Read More…

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