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Bob Moore

CEO and Founder

An extraordinary motivator and communicator that is a tough minded, results-oriented leader who has provided dynamic, focused and decisive leadership throughout his career, Bob Moore was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of iGPS (Intelligent Global Pooling Systems). Moore began his career at First Pennsylvania Bank where he rapidly ascended through the ranks from an Intern to a Regional Vice President, with full P&L responsibility for 27 branch banks spanning 3 states.

Demonstrating his versatility, commanding presence, and strong leadership skills, Moore transitioned from banking to beverages and went on to have a highly successful career at PepsiCo, where he held a variety of senior executive positions managing 5 of their 6 business units during his 20-years there. In 1995 a relatively small 50 year old wooden pallet rental company with sub $300 million in revenue was in dire need of strong leadership from a skilled growth/turnaround specialist, like Bob Moore. He recognized the opportunity that CHEP had in front of it as a pallet/asset rental company, which he believed was a good idea and was not yet mainstream in America. Nearing retirement at PepsiCo and wanting to do something more entrepreneurial, Moore joined CHEP USA (“CHEP”), as its Chief Executive Officer. Within 6 months he formed CHEP Americas, assuming the responsibility for CHEP’s 17 year old Canadian business and launched CHEP in Mexico. Moore’s transition from Pepsi to pallets was impressive. In less than 7 years he successfully built the largest wood-pallet pool in the world and drove the company’s transformation from a sub $300 million niche player to a $3 billion global industrial services leader within emerging, mature and competitive business markets in 39 countries on 6 continents.

Adept in strategic planning, cost management, evaluating capital expenditure proposals, operations, sales and marketing, global expansion, government liaison, business process and strategy development, contract development and project management, Moore used all of these skills to turn CHEP USA from an $80 million company that was losing $15 million annually to a $1 billion company with $250 million in pre-tax earnings by 1999.

Brambles then asked Moore to replicate the CHEP Americas success globally and empowered him to launch CHEP International with all CHEP entities around the world reporting into the new found organization. The result was a $3 billion company earning more than $600 million annually with 300 million assets under rent in 39 countries. Evidence of the earnings and growth sustainability that Moore creates can still be seen today, despite his departure from CHEP International nearly a decade ago.

An expert at identifying and capturing new business opportunities to build high profit, high growth companies, Bob Moore founded iGPS in 2006 with a goal to create the world’s first pallet rental service providing shippers and receivers with all-plastic pallets embedded with RFID tags. Moore’s innovation and success has revolutionized the pallet rental industry and has also earned him the prestigious Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2010. For over 6 decades pallets had been made of wood.

Recognizing firsthand the inherent dangers and shortcomings of wood—particularly its excessive weight, risks of cross contamination of food, medicines and other products, injuries to workers and damage to products through protruding nails and splinters—Moore seized the opportunity to create a new paradigm in pallet rental, a plastic pallet that is 100 percent recyclable and is lighter, stronger, safer and greener than pallets made of wood. Proving he is a fierce competitor that has tremendous passion for the business he leads, and only knows how to play to win, Moore entered the market with iGPS battling a full-on monopoly (CHEP) and gained a 15% market share in an extraordinarily short period of time. In just five years, iGPS transformed the supply chain and now counts among its customers many of the world’s most respected and environmentally responsible companies, including PepsiCo, General Mills, Kraft, SC Johnson and others.

Bob Moore has made a career of achieving extraordinary top and bottom line business growth in the companies and organizations that he has lead in a variety of industries due to a keen sense of bottom line profitability. With an emphasis on maximizing personnel and financial resources while focusing on the strategic and tactical execution of successful business development campaigns, Moore is a proven leader with extraordinary talent and superb leadership and communicative skills that will make any future endeavor a soaring success.


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