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Fast Fix™

The Fast Fix™ App is for customers who use the G2 Pallet to transport, store and display their products. GoTo knows where its pallets are and who is using them by virtue of the Fast Track App, but it does not always know what the pallets are being used for. Because the pallet does not know what it is carrying, the G2 Tracker inside the G2 Pallet will not automatically report a condition that could result in the total loss of a load of products on a G2 Pallet.

As a value-added service, customers can establish a Fast Fix account and configure the G2 Tracker to report the condition, status and integrity indicative of the products they want to monitor while their products are on a G2 Pallet. This is where the rubber meets the road.


Trace your shipments from your smartphone

The Fast Fix interface is available on your desktop or Smartphone. Our user defined dashboard is configured to track the platforms and where there is an alert; our system will flag it for action against a predefined operational process. The dashboard will present an overview screen showing a map plotting the positions of the platforms. Users can enter the destination ID# into our system and it will automatically zoom-in further pin-pointing its exact location and summarizes the data available for that batch of platforms. Pallets that are reporting errors will be highlighted in red along with the date and time stamp of exactly when the alert occurred. The offices responsible for handling the goods can now generate a work order and take appropriate action in order to prevent loses. Communication alerts, temperature faults and security breaches can also be sent to managers Via SMS or email in order to manage incidents in a timely fashion and the actions taken will ultimately result in increased savings and profit for each participating corporation over time.

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