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Fast Track™


The Fast Track™ App is used exclusively by GoTo Pallets to manage its pallet pool. The application aggregates pallet data from every G2 Tracker in order to know where every G2 Pallet is located 24/7/365. All of the data collected from every G2 Tracker from every pallet during its lifetime is accumulated by the Fast Track application and stored in GoTo’s secure Cloud data base. Analytics of this data is constantly used to streamline the flow of G2 Pallets between trading partners.

With Fast Track GoTo Pallets can eliminate the costly step of pallet recovery and recycling logistics, leading to lower costs and pricing. Because the G2 Pallet is robust and self-sensing it can safely remain in circulation damage free and ready for re-use for long periods of time. Trading partners with Fast Fix accounts can freely exchange G2 Pallets. In the event G2 Pallets accumulate in idle storage at any one location, GoTo sub-contracts 3rd party pallet recyclers to recover the pallets, so they may be quickly re-issued to Members.

When the multi-function G2 Tracker senses electronic events signaling a transfer of custody between partners an end-of-trip invoice is generated along with a Trip File™. The Trip File integrates with all major ERP/WMS solutions and provides documentation for e-pedigrees, carbon credit offsets along and basic trip data for payment reconciliation. The invoicing process saves time and lowers indirect pallet rental costs.

At any time during or after a pallet trip our customers can access the Trip File to select a date or time of interest to investigate and the Fast Track App will selectively display the pallet’s fixed position on a Google map or its location a road map so that events concerning the products on the G2 Pallet that created a risk or resulted in a loss can be displayed and acted upon in the future to prevent continuing losses.

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