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Impact of Wireless

app-alerts-goto-pallets-450pxBillions of dollars of products are lost, stolen, damaged, re-routed, or perish on wood pallets each year. Wood pallet pooling companies misplace and lose millions of pallets annually and the CAPEX necessary to replenish the wooden pool is passed along to the shipper in the way of extra fees and charges.

The FSMA recognizes the power of technology to reduce the risk and improve the safety of supply chains. Wireless technology will allow manufacturers to document a product’s pedigree. Today’s youth will become tomorrow’s supply chain managers, and they will use their handheld devices to connect pallets and the products in their charge to the Internet of Things in order to perform their work tasks. Lost and unaccounted for pallets and pallet loads will become a thing of the past. It is our responsibility to take notice of these great technological changes to set the stage for the coming paradigm shift.

Consumers will demand transparency and will download apps that perform operations enhancing their experiences with the products offered by the FMCG industry. The shear number, diversity and novelty of these applications will be staggering. Manufacturers offering products connected to the Internet of Things will be rewarded. Reputations will be elevated leading to even more sustainable business practices that continue to improve the competitive stature of the US in the world economy.


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