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Our Manufacturing TechnologyPlastic Thermoforming

Sheet Extrusion

The G2 pallet manufacturing process begins with sheet extrusion. This process involves extruding a melt stream of heated plastic through an extrusion die to produce a flat sheet of plastic.

Within our process two layers of melted plastic are co-extruded to produce a double layer composite plastic sheet.

The top layer has patented fire retardant ingredients to meet industry fire safety regulations. This provides lower cost structure while preserving the integral strength of the bottom layer. This also reduces the interference caused by the fire retardant ingredients that blocks radio frequency signals traveling through plastic.

Six custom composite multi layer sheets are used to make the deck and the base of the G2 pallet in a patented process call triple sheet thermoforming.


Thermoforming is a process in which sheets of plastic are heated to a deformable temperature and molded against a tooling surface using vacuum and compression.

Upon molding the formed sheet of plastic becomes rigid permanently capturing the shapes and details of the tooling surface.

Triple Sheet Thermoforming

The old standard involves twin sheet thermoforming where by two sheets of plastic are molded against two tooling surfaces to provide a conventional pallet structure.

The G2 Pallet is made using a patented triple sheet process involving three sheet of plastic resulting in the strongest strength to weight ratio in the thermal plastic industry.

Robotic Fabrication

Using a rapid production format involving four-up tooling allows for four pallets to be manufactured simultaneously. The speed of the processes involved is so rapid that goes beyond the pace of human machine operators, therefore robotics are an essential component of the manufacturing process. GTP uses patented machine automation technologies using radio frequency signals substituting human machine operators.


In order to integrate sheet extrusion, triple sheet thermoforming and robotic fabrication, a manufacturing management network using cellular and wireless communications is used to seamlessly aggregate the sub-systems into the most advanced pallet manufacturing infrastructure.

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