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Real-Time Information

Our G2 Pallet™ requires advanced capabilities in order to provide each of our customers the real-time information needed to create real savings. Wireless machine-to-machine devices make asset management even easier because no matter where these assets are located our customers can remotely monitor and control platform activities.


Through a combination of wireless communications such as the ISO 18000, IEEE 802.n and Cellular radio frequency air interface standards, our G2 Tracker™ will cover all of the RFID, WiFi and Cellular protocols including EPC, NFC, DASH, LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiMax, GSM and CDMA.

Network Coherence

Communications across indoor and outdoor wireless networks can be challenging therefore the combination of the above features creates a beneficial wireless mesh that enhances the overall performance and quality of data being collected even in the presence of network interference.

High Tech M2M Tracking

Embedded electronics provide pallet load visibility enabling shippers and retailers alike with actionable data to better manage their businesses.

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