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Triple Sheet Thermoforming

Goto Pallets has pioneered the next generation of thermoforming with the invention of triple sheet thermoforming.

Thermoforming Process

In triple sheet thermoforming, three sheets of plastic are heated and sequentially shaped and compressed together in succession between three molds. In this process the middle sheet is molded in a honeycomb-like configuration that reinforces and stiffens the pallet shell formed by the two exterior sheets. The middle sheet is also shaped to provide a double walled pallet leg for the necessary static load strength required of GMA style pallets. The resulting triple sheet pallet structure is up to 50% stronger than comparable twin sheet structures using the same measure of identical plastic materials.

Minimized Costs, Maximum Durability

G2 Pallet™ is made from an assembly of a triple sheet deck and a triple sheet base using six sheets of plastic in total to construct this pallet. Within our multi-patented triple sheet co-extruded solution, only the exposed surface layers of the top and bottom sheet of the pallet structure contain fire retardant ingredients in an amount necessary to meet the peak heat release rate standard of 500kW3 or less as measured by ASTM 1356.

The middle triple sheet structure also fills the space between the two outer sheets to prevent hazardous materials from migrating throughout and contaminating the platform. The impact zones around the vertical perimeters of the G2 Pallet structure, where the greatest wear & tear from fork impact and corner drops occur is double walled much like the hull of a modern day ship adding superior resilience and strength to endure the toughest material handling conditions.

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