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Wireless Machine Automation

Triple sheet is a significantly more difficult process to manage than the first and second generation Twin sheet process. As complexity increases, new systems of control have to be implemented to prevent down time, wasted material and worker injury while lowering setup costs and work force mistakes. Given these concerns, GoTo Pallets has invented a game changing technology for Thermoforming Plastics called Wireless Machine Automation.

Machine Processes

Consider a sophisticated triple sheet thermoforming machine capable of making a gang of four triple sheet pallet structures every 5 minutes. In this sequential process, there are 12 sheets of plastic in the manufacturing system at one time. The machine processes 144 sheets outputting 576 parts an hour and in the event of an error at any stage during the process, defects can immediately be recognized by the machine automation system resulting in faster reactions and fewer defects.

In the manual machine automation environment everything progresses at a speed comprehended by a trained worker. GoTo Pallets addition of wireless technology will fundamentally shorten the reaction time from seconds to microseconds.

Low Cost RFID Tags

GoTo Pallets accomplishes Wireless Machine Automation by adding (low cost) RFID tags to the sheets of plastic used to make a pallet structure. When the sheet arrives at the machine a reader gathers information and changes an operational characteristic of the machine prior to processing the product in the machine.

Take for example a sheet of plastic with a layer of FR material requiring more heat from the upper bank of heat elements in the second oven. This information is normally manually entered in the process controllers by the skilled machine operator.

Using wireless machine automation information is communicated instantly, triggering automation actions that are based upon the same SOP that the machine operator is meant to follow. When there are dozens, if not hundreds of different bits of information in a short time, the skilled machine operator can become overwhelmed whereas the same computer implemented system can process thousands of bits of different information instantaneously resulting in more pallets at a lower cost, in a “lights out” sustainable way.

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