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PricingRental Structure

Pricing for the G24840FR Pallet is based upon two pricing inputs.

Basic Fees

GoTo Pallets will electronically track every issued pallet 24/7 nationwide during each pallet rental trip, in order to manage it. When the pallet custody is exchanged in a supply chain, GoTo Pallets will be able to automatically electronically invoice the previous customer based upon an electronic record accessible GoTo’s Cloud Cabinet. (In the event of a recall or request for special access the backed up data from the incident pallet rental trip can be recalled for an investigation.)

Basic Fees

Issue fees $3.00 per pallet.
Rental fees $6 based upon 40 day trip.
$.18 p/d thereafter.
Transfer fees Up to $1.5 per trip.
Lost Pallet Provision $76 FedEx pallet recovery.

Wireless Fees

The second input involves wireless rental fees. These are the fees a shipper uses as a value added service. These added fees are user-defined and controlled by the Shipper. This is how it works.
A Shipper logs into a secure Fast Track™ account. A Dash Board is displayed and a pallet or group of pallet RFID EPC GRAI Serial Numbers are entered to specify each individual pallet(s) to be used. A wide range of value-added wireless tracking, monitoring, manifesting and reporting options for the pallet(s) is displayed on the dashboard. The shipper enables the options and settings that are relevant, while disabling other options, tailoring the pallet’s wireless capabilities for the intended load.

A Tally Button on the dash board calculates the wireless rental fees for the intended pallet rental trip, allowing the shipper to refine the options and settings to achieve a possible lower cost. A Battery Button calculates the consumption of power to ensure the selected options and settings are possible in high demand conditions. A Carbon Credit Button calculates the transport energy efficiency of the G2 Pallet compared to heavy weight wood pallets for each pallet journey. (The exchangeable carbon credits are monetized by the manufacturers and retailers who wish to meet sustainability targets.)

When the options, values and settings are finalized, the Shipper simply hits an Upload Button and the G2 Tracker on the individual pallet is instantly electronically provisioned for the Shipper’s pallet rental trip. After the instructions are down loaded, the pallet will begin collecting and reporting data indicative of the pallet load as required on the user-defined in Dash Board. The Shipper pays for this extra trip data.


Wireless Fees


EPC GRAI (passive) Free
EPC SSCC (active) $0.85 / trip
NFC (passive) Free
DASH (active) $1.15 / trip
Read/Write $0.85 / report

Wireless GROUP

Wifi (RTLS) $0.18 / transaction
Bluetooth(Hand Held) $0.07 / transaction
Zigbee (Mesh) $0.04 / incident

Cellular GROUP

GeoFence $0.65 / trip
Location $0.05 / per report
Temperature $0.05 / per report
Other sensors $0.03 / per report
SMS/Email messaging $0.32 / per message
Report Frequency 1-24 hours
Emergency Frequency Emergency Frequency

Pallet Networking GROUP

Allow RFID/Cellular Mesh $1.85 / trip
Allow RFID/WiFi Mesh $1.25 /trip
Allow WiFi/Cellular Mesh $1.08 /trip
Allow RFID/WiFi/Cellular Mesh $2.28 /trip

BATTERY GROUP Power usage a/H $0.008 per ma/H

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