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Track Back™



Consumers will use Track Back™ to trace the origin, history, safety, authenticity, freshness and other conditions indicative of the product’s journey from the manufacturer to the consumer on the pallet. We can create huge amounts of new data using the electronics in our pallets. This new data can be used to sway consumers towards companies that track their products.

Collecting Information and Big Data

The information collected from every pallet and every trip over time from Fast Track and Fast Fix is aggregated in a secure GoTo Cloud data base. Analytics of this big data will also be valuable to consumers who employ their smart devices to obtain e-pedigrees and other information concerning the products they are interested in purchasing. The smart devices will be able to wirelessly authenticate and allow a customer to instantly pay for a product at push of a button or voice command.

Products that are connected to the Internet of Everything will be preferred over those that are not by an increasing numbers of consumers. Manufacturers and retailers will ultimately sell more preferred products, with higher gross selling margins. The operating APP that connects the consumer to an e-pedigree or other information for a product that will identify conditions indicative of the Fast Track and Fast Fix supply chain is called Track Back™. Member manufacturers and retailers will develop specialized Apps supported by Track Back data that relates to the products they offer, allowing their customers to use their smart devices to make informed purchasing decisions.

Track Back™ Helps the Consumer

An app that can authenticate a package of fresh wild Sockeye salmon will save the consumer from mistakenly buying packaging containing farmed salmon. The supplier/retailer places a QR or RF-readable tag (NFC or EPC) on the packaging. The consumer points the smart phone at the readable tag and is wirelessly taken to a brandname app. The customer runs the app and is able to make an informed buying decision based upon the App data, resulting in a premium selling price relative to the counterfeits, and a more sustainable outcome based upon less waste in the supply chain.

In another example, a consumer shops on-line for groceries. The consumer wants to buy strawberries. Two brands are offered. The supplier of one brand provides a real-time guarantee of freshness for eighteen days. The guarantee is predicated upon data recovered by Fast Track and Fast Fix during the trip on the pallet from the field to the refrigerator. From this data a perishability algorithm running in the App can predict a good-to date. The alternate brand does not record trip data and so cannot provide any guarantee that the fruit is fresh and it will not perish in only a few days because of poor shipping conditions and the like. The reputation of the brand connected to the Internet of Everything will translate into consumer satisfaction that will grow mobile and on-line sales.



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